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Tales from the North

Who´s behind nordisen?



Inspired by Scandinavia’s fascinating history

My name is Jannicke Sætre and I am a graphic designer living in Oslo.
I have a Bachelor in Film and a Master in Communication Design from Australia. Through my travels I have made friends and family in many countries and am always on the lookout for interesting souvenirs to send or bring them. I have been missing well-designed, Norwegian souvenirs to give friends and family. This hole in the market has inspired me to start Nordisen.

Through Nordisen, I aspire to promote Norse Mythology, and my Norwegian heritage in a modern visual context. The products are manufactured in Oslo using ethically made materials of good and durable quality.

Norse Mythology has a wealth of exciting characters and stories that I think deserve to be given more attention. I take care to thoroughly research while developing sketches and designs. Through strict, yet playful illustrations, I aim to convey the most intriguing elements of Norse Mythology, and the stories behind them.

For the design enthusiast and
environmentally conscious

The purpose behind Nordisen is to showcase Scandinavia and our interesting Viking-history in a new and exciting way through products that stand out from the rest of the market. Nordisen makes products aimed at the design-minded Scandinavian and urban tourist. They are curious about the Viking era and Norse mythology.

Throughout my travels, I have seen the effect humans have on the environment, and developing countries. So taking this into consideration, I have endeavoured to produce souvenirs that are ethical and green. All the products have been printed at places within walking distance to my home and office. The fabrics used are ecological and ethically produced. The papers used are by manufacturers that take environmental impact seriously.

Please get in touch if you have questions or would like to sell Nordisen products in your shop. 


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